Case Study: Mobile Task Manager

In this case study, I’ve worked to provide an example of how someone who uses a mobile task manager can get feedback on their progress in completing a project or task. The name of the example app is @Hand. People use many different task managers and to-do apps and often the tasks can pile on and get lost in an abyss of bulleted list items with no real way of understanding progress or gaining motivation. In this project I intend to provide continues feedback to the user on their productivity.



When a user first opens the app, they are confronted with the List view which contains each collection of tasks. The list view was chosen as a way to teach the user to associate any task that they create or complete is towards getting an overall accomplishment.  I’ve borrowed this philosophy from Merlin Mann’s 43 Folders.

Notice that each list block contains the same anatomy yet different color. Color coding has been proven useful in productivity, and I’ve added that as an enhancement without any extra fluff. My concern here was color dependancy leaving visually impaired at a disadvantage. Visually impaired individuals would still be able to understand the list view as the same information is presented simultaneously without the use of colors.

The search bar provides scalability.  As a user begins to increase the number of tasks and lists scrolling and scanning could become cumbersome. The search feature also allows the user to search for both tasks and lists.

The Plus symbol gives the user the ability to add a new List or Task Item which will be covered in the final screen view below.


The traditional task list approach was taken.  In this view, the user can use the back arrow to navigate back to the original list view screen.

The progress bar reinforces the positive feedback of task and project completion.

Again, the plus button allows the user to still have the ability to create a task or list. If a user chooses to add a new task from this view, it would default to the list that the previous tasks are already associated with.]]></wp:meta_value>


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